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Mitsubishi Electric’s Semiconductor European Business Group awarded by Siemens Mobility with Supplier Award “Moving Beyond”

Thank you very much Siemens Mobility for awarding Mitsubishi Electric Europe – Semiconductor today at #Innotrans with your prestigious supplier award “Moving Beyond”.

Power semiconductor modules based on Silicon are used in railway vehicles for a long time. With the technology of #siliconcarbide inside we are now moving beyond the limits of what was believed to be technically possible.

#siliconcarbide enables us already today to develop highly efficient traction inverters, that are required for Hydrogen and battery driven trains, such as the Mireo Plus B in the Baden-Württemberg town of Ortenau.

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Humidity robustness

Humidity robustness is one of the main concerns of IGBT modules since the modules are not hermetically sealed. IGBT modules are generally filled with silicone gel which has a filter effect. Condensation amount at various condensation test conditions is described in this paper based on silicone gel humidity absorption behavior investigation.

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Bodo’s Power Systems Cover Story

“Easy Design of 1500 VDC Renewable Inverter with Higher Power Density Enabled by New 2.0 kV Class LV100 IGBT Module” – this is the subject our authors Thomas Radke, Nils Soltau and Satoshi Miyahara are addressing in our cover story in Bodo’s Power Systems in September.

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EPE Association

This week is all about the conference of the EPE Association in Hannover, Germany. We at Mitsubishi Electric Europe – Semiconductor are happy to be there for you with colleagues from Europe and Japan.

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Parallel connection

“Influence of IGBT and diode parameters on the current sharing and switching-waveform characteristics of parallel-connected power modules” is one of our themes this week at the EPE’22 conference in Hannover, Germany.

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“Products of the Year” competition

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the readers of the trade medium Elektronik who gave their vote to our SLIMDIP™ in the “Power” category of the annual “Products of the Year” competition. We would also like to thank the editorial staff of WEKA FACHMEDIEN GmbH for this annual initiative. In the picture: Ralf Higgelke (Technical Editor, WEKA Fachmedien), Dr. Michael Lampalzer (Manager Strategic Marketing, Mitsubishi Electric Europe – Semiconductor).

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New product announced

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that it will launch a 50W silicon radio-frequency (RF) high-power metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) module for use in high-frequency power amplifiers of commercial two-way radios on August 1. The model, which offers an industry-leading 50W power output in the 763MHz to 870MHz band and high total efficiency of 40%, is expected to help expand radio communication range and reduce power consumption.

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Since 1997, Mitsubishi Electric pioneered the mass production of power devices for hybrid and electric vehicles with a proven track record of more than 22 million xEVs on the road.

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Mitsubishi Electric is a pioneer and world leader in the design and production of transfer molded IPMs, with a cumulative production level for DIPIPMs of 1 billion units since 1997, contributing to energy saving and helping to protect the environment.

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