European Green Deal

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    Decarbonise the energy sector

    75% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the EU comes from the energy sector.

    Increasing energy efficiency and a massive scale up of renewable energy are the key objectives for decarbonisation – wheter in buildings, industry, transport or other sectors.

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    EU Green Deal

    Target to transform the EU in the world´s first climate-neutral continent by 2050, combined with an Investment Plan to mobilise at least €1 trillion.

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    Target for 2030

    Doubling share of Renewables in the EU energy mix to 40%.

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    Fit for 55

    Package of proposals to bring EU legislation in line with the target to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% in 2030 compared to 1990.

You can build on it

Our product contribution to the EU target

  • LV100 optimised for Renewable and Industrial Applications: The Next Generation Standard Module for High Power

  • LV100 and HV100 X-Series High-Voltage Power Modules Flexibility through standardized Package

  • X-Series: High-Voltage IGBT Modules Industry-Leading Power adn Operating Temperature Range

  • J1-Series: Lightweight Compact Power Modules for xEV Inverters Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability

  • 7th Generation NX-Type IGBTs greatly simplify the design of medium power industrial inverters

  • SLIMDIPTM efficient Reverse Conducting IGBT in durable package

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