Full SiC Super Mini DIPIPM

Mitsubishi Electric has developed New Super Mini Full SiC DIPIPM (hereinafter called Full SiC DIP) for Consumer Goods Applications. Full SiC DIP is an ultra-small compact transfer molded intelligent power module integrating SiC MOSFET chip which is the next generation high efficiency power chips. Power chips, drive and protection circuits are integrated in the module with transfer molding resin. Full SiC DIP can improve inverter efficiency drastically by embedding SiC MOSFET chips, and additionally the Full SiC DIP package is 100% compatible with conventional Super Mini DIPIPM Ver.6 series. This compatibility enables to utilize the existing conventional inverter boards easily and to expand the lineup of installed systems.


  • Integrated newly developed SiC MOSFET for improving efficiency
  • NO requirement of negative bias by mounting MOSFET with high threshold voltage VGSth.
  • Single DC 18V power supply drive with bootstrapping scheme.
  • Safety operating SiC MOSFET by protection functions.
  • Easy to replace from conventional Ver.6 due to pin and function compatibility.



600 V : 15 A, 25 A

Dimensions [mm]:

24 x 38 x 3.5